Re: Common music database?

You got me a little wrong there. I am not mandating from Dave to make a spec. It's just like, let's say,
you consider an upgrade of something and have as an option the product of a different vendor, that is
available now (it would lead you somewhat incompatible but at least it's there), or to upgrade from
your current vendor, just that the upgrade that has the neccessary things for you isn't available _yet_,
although it _has been promised_.

Now your current vendor promises you to ship that update within the next time, and asks you not to go
with the competitior's product, but instead to wait.

This isn't the greatest example of all but it's what i meant: Dave already proposed and basically agreed to do
something, and if "we" (we == anyone except/without Dave) goes and writes another spec, we're basically
stepping on his toes as long as he doesn't tell us that he isn't working on it anymore.

If that's irrelevant, well good. If it really doesn't matter, then i'll just go and document MPRIS to make it more clear
and whenver Dave comes up with something we'll just ignore it? (Don't take that as a troll, i just don't like people
promising something and then not doing it. Yes this is open source but you know as well as i do that these days,
"do only whatever you can, whenver you can" doesn't cut it anymore like in 1995)

On 4/18/06, James Doc Livingston < doclivingston gmail com> wrote:
On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 23:56 +0200, Milosz Derezynski wrote:
> It's just that as long as we don't know if there is some "official"
> work going on from GNOME's side (yeah, it might end up being not
> dependent on GNOME or focused on GNOME, please let's save us this
> discussion, you know what i mean anyay), we are sort of "hanging in
> thin air", as we don't know whether we can just proceed and make up
> our own spec here, or if Dave Mccabe will bust out of his cave
> in a few weeks proclaiming that he has the standard now and then we're
> faced with 2 standards that are up against each other and have to
> be evaluated........... well i'll save my words and just say ONE word

Frankly, I think that trying to mandate a spec is completely
arse-backwards. For it to actually get implemented and be useful, I
think it would have to happen like this:

1) someone writes a spec (e.g. MPRIS, Dave McCabe's spec, whatever).

2) they post it here (or wherever), and developers of music player
comment on it, point out flaws, and suggest improvements.

3) several "major" music players adopt it, and so it becomes a de facto

4) since it's now a de facto standard, we realise we may as well propose
it to be an official one, at freedesktop/gnome/wherever.

Regarding MPRIS, the link you gave looks a bit confusing. Is there a
page which actually described what things like "SendStatus" and
"PlayCurrent" mean?


James "Doc" Livingston
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