Common music database?

In this context i'd like to bring this here back to attention:

I talked about this with andersg, and probably in a way (no disrespect to anders) more importantly
Davic McCabe and some other guys in #gnome-hackers, but that yielded no results yet.

Frederic Fondriest worked on libmpris ( ) and
added the server part which i couldn't do due to time constraints, it's not in the libmpris SVN yet
since i have to review the code first.

My reason for bringing this into attention has multiple reasons:

Number 1:

Dave (McCabe), what's the status of your progress of the derived spec based on MPRIS?

If i may speak frankly, just because "you're GNOME", you can't just go and say/think "well, when_ever_ we release
our spec, people will have to follow that anyway, since we're GNOME, and the BMP guys are just someone". Maybe
that's unfair and doing you unjustice and you're simply not having time for this, but would you in _that_ case just give
us a small one liner note that this is the fact so someone else can work on this?

Number 2:

While XMMS2 and MPD and so on have their reasons to use own communication protocols not based on D-Bus,
i don't see much point in having things like your applet (Daniel) have to do the unification. This can happen on the app's
side by providing a common interface over DBus; this can be even a standalone proxy daemon (andersg has written one
for XMMS2, i don't know how much fond he is at the current moment of MPRIS).

libmpris uses the DBus C interface and hence does not impose any other deps or linkage deps besides libdbus itself, and it abstracts
out the whole DBus part for both a client user (an applet or something of that kind; well, a "client"), as well as a server (a player/playback daemon, etc).

It's close to trivially simple for players/apps to implement the server-side part using libmpris without removing their own protocol, as well as for
clients to implement that instead of various specific interfaces.

I'm sorry that the server part isn't in our svn repository yet; i just don't have the time currently to review and possibly fix the code.

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