Re: Common music database?

Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:

Consider that Jamie here is writing Tracker which is somewhat like
Beagle, another indexer which is a lot more popular.  That's not
going to stop him from pursuing his goal of trying to make it
official. :-)

Tracker is significantly different from Beagle. Beagle AFAIK is just an indexer whereas Tracker is a combination Database/Indexer (the embedded mysql also being a combo database/indexer).

This means that Tracker is way more powerful and more useful in situations like these where you need a database as well as indexer.

There is nothing stopping Tracker from say optionally turning off its internal indexer and using Beagle instead and thereby giving everyone a choice of what to use. So Tracker is flexible enough to be used as just a database or just an indexer or both which should keep everyone happy (I hope!)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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