[gnome-love] Re: Re: anyone wanna help with gnome-backgrounds

On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 13:05, Mark Finlay wrote:
There is a nice translucent gnome foot in
gnome-desktop/pixmaps/gnome-background-image.png , but stuff like that
only works well with well chosen background colors. If we use something
like luca's design for a background chooser(attached) then we could
choose a set of default colors too.

Is there something wrong with the background selector that is in XD2? Do
you *really* need a list of colors to select from for the background?
Why would you have "tiles" and "wallpapers" be different lists? Please
make a list of the issues with the background capplet in XD2 and give
them to me, and I will fix them. It is very extensible code and easy to
use. I can easily add stuff to make it smart about tiling, centering, or
stretching, as well as support for randomizing the image, etc... Please
don't waste time trying to write another one that doesn't make much
sense in the "real world". :)

-- dobey

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