[gnome-love] Re: Re: anyone wanna help with gnome-backgrounds

I'm rarely this negative, but none of the wallpapers you propose make a
good example of what I'd like to see in gnome-backgrounds.

On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 15:43, sisob-lists tuxfamily org wrote:

Well i've just had a quick look at a.g.o and saw these nice ones:
Gnome branded:

I think a gnome wallpaper should be
      * simple. low contrast image is a must. anything gaining too much
        attention fails as a wallpaper. You have to perfectly see the
        items on your desktop.
      * gnome branded. a gnome2 fancy button or the simple foot shape
        should be part of the wallpaper

But these are quite bland (including the simple.png rip-off ;). I really
like the single-color-toned abstract textures that osX ships with. 

Penguin related:

This is a bad idea. Although they are great images, they a) are linux
focused b) gain too much attention. People like to put photos on their
desktop for some reason, but distributing some non-personal picture as a
default background wouldn't make sense. Many windows theme/skinning
sites have all that neat technoish wallpaper stuff that looks absolutely
fab until you put it on the desktop and realise you cannot find anything
on there. 

A nice compromise would be the stuff that garrett does with his macro
photography. The field of depth makes most of the shot blurry, there are
large single colored areas. check his stuff on http://linuxart.com. I
would talk to him and discuss possibilities creating some wallpapers out
of those images. Some of his stuff is insanely cool:



Jakub Steiner <jimmac ximian com>

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