[gnome-love] Re: Re: anyone wanna help with gnome-backgrounds

Sure, I can help out a bit. I can do some work on the packaging bit, and
I could also give some input on which backgrounds to include. I could
even have a look at the background chooser, but I don't have alot of
experience using gtk and C (I've mostly been using Python), so the code
probably won't be good enough for inclusion.


Well i've just had a quick look at a.g.o and saw these nice ones:
Gnome branded:

Penguin related:

Opinions anyone? any suggestions from ago?
Also some suggestions for background websites or packages(redhat?, ximian?)
we could use (ie. free to distibute etc..) would be great.

Also. anyone have any ideas how you lisence a package of images?

Mark Finlay

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