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On 22 May 2001, Peter Teichman wrote:

I'm maintaining gtcd as part of gnome-media, but it isn't really under
active development. I have some ideas for a more generalized cd
interface that would have the opportunity to work with some more recent
GNOME developments (Bonobo in particular), but haven't gotten around to
implementing them.

How about merging with the gnome-vfs cdda: moniker to provide a
Bonobo::Stream interface for grabbing and a Bonobo::Media::Stream and
Bonobo::Media::Audio interface for playback? Maybe you could also support
enconding-on-the-fly via GStreamer (by providing a Bonobo::PersistStream
interface that accepts things like save (stream, "audio/x-mp3"))...

        Cactus (just throwing ideas around)

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