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Den 22 May 2001 19:38:11 -0400 skrev Miguel de Icaza:

Right now i am in a big need of documentation on libgdk-pixbuf, but i
cant find any :(
I have the API doc's that is on developer.gnome.. but that's not enough
I need examples to understand it better, but i cant find good examples.
Maybe i should take a lesson in how to search in google.. but i realy
cant find any good examples 
or tutorials on libgdk-pixbuf.
Can some one tell me where to find that?

You raise a good point.  I have submitted a task entry for providing
examples of usage in gdk-pixbuf.

GdkPixbuf is an image loader that can load images in various formats
(jpg, png, xpm, gif) from various sources (memory buffers, on disk
files) and return the contents in RGB format in the GdkPixbuf

What pieces exactly are you looking for?


I wanted to know how to load an image from disk and scale it to another
size and show 
it on an drawingarea. Thats mostly it. As soon as i understand parts of
the library then
i can learn the rest my self.. i think.

Can you recomend some source to looke at? I have gnome-games-1.2.0 at
home, but 
i didn't see any source that used libgdk-pixbuf there :(
I only have a slow modem connection, so i dont want to spend time
source that i have no use of :)

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