[Re: [gnome-love] wanted: php or cgi programmer with some spare time to help with gnome test spec]


give it a shot :)

as far as the extra scrolling goes... a fair number of the test compents
can fit their pass/fail checks table into the upper frame, with 80%-100%
of the instructions fitting in the lower.  the main annoyance comes from
the huge titles at the top of each page, and the instructions for
setting PLATFORM, OS_VER, etc, which you need to scroll past for each


On Sun, 2001-12-02 at 16:44, Luis Villa wrote:
On Sun, 2001-12-02 at 16:34, fflewddur wrote:
what if instead of putting the passed/failed buttons in the bottom
frame, we use it to display the current contents of the pop-ups?  i.e.
clicking on "instructions for foo01" will load foo01.html in the
bottom-most frame.

Hrm. That would still require lots of scrolling, wouldn't it? You'd have
to scroll both the reporting page and (frequently) the test page. The
thing with the current setup is that it either requires lots of extra
clicking; replacing extra clicking with extra scrolling doesn't sound
like a great solution. But maybe it would work... it'd be hard to tell
for sure until it was implemented.

Yeah, that last part is going to be non-trivial. I'd originally thought
that maybe a separate page per test might be good, like:

|            |                |
| navigation |  test display  |
|  frame     |   (old html)   |
|            |----------------|
|            | 'passed/failed'|
|            |    buttons     |

for each test, selecting a test result (or 'did not perform') would
store the data and bring up the next test, instead of the current
monolithic perspective.

The problem with this approach is that it would require either a rewrite
of the cgi script to accept data in small chunks (ugly, unless someone
comfortable with perl/shell has spare time) or the passing of all the
data in URLs that keep getting longer and eventually gets dumped into
the cgi (conceptually ugly, but maybe workable.) 

Any other ideas, anyone? 

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