[gnome-love] [Re: approval from sun and a last XML request [was Re: [gnome-love] wanted: php or cgi programmer with some spare time to help with gnome test spec]]

On Mon, 2001-12-03 at 10:00, Luis Villa wrote:
BTW, just wanted to let everyone know that I've talked to the current
maintainer of this project at Sun and he's very open to using this code.


Todd: question: if I drop a new file into one of the subdirectories,
will this page
get updated?

no.  i was confused.  i thought you just wanted the ability to drop in a
new module, not add a new test to an existing module.  thanks to the
perl interface, however, changing this shouldn't be more than a
one-night job.  we'll just need to make the perl generate php pages
which do the same directory look-up as the toc bar.  unless someone else
feels like doing this, i'll take care of it tonight.

i couldn't figure out where the
instruction html files are generated (or if they are at all...), so
there's still a lot of cruft there that could go. 

AFAIK, they aren't- I think it's a template page that they fill in and
save. Before calling this a day and starting to push this into CVS, is
anyone still open to the idea of converting the test files to XML or
simple text, so that we can easily change their presentation?

well, i tracked down three perl scripts that are *supposed* to generate
the instructions, and while they do run during the make_all_indices
script, they didn't actually change anything :P
i'm not very familiar with xml yet, but i've been meaning to learn. 
what exactly would be needed in order to move this whole thing over to
xml files?


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