Re: Purpose of GNOME online accounts?

Am 21.10.2015 um 15:18 schrieb Summers Pittman ℝ:
When open protocols were the norm for massive ad companies like
Facebook and Google, we got a LOT out of this.  Google talk and
facebook chat were very nicely integrated, Google Docs synced and was
index locally, Contacts pulled from your GMail and Facebook accounts
and auto populated everywhere they should.

Hmmm. I see, and to some degree supposed so. The usual mess of big players ditching open protocols for particular reasons, which is what leaves us with a dozen of different messengers on the phone with one or two contacts in each... :|

But is there sort of an outline of what features are still available and how to make use of these with GNOME online accounts? At the moment, I do have accounts configured, in "Online accounts" but that doesn't seem to do anything in any application...


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