Re: Purpose of GNOME online accounts?

When open protocols were the norm for massive ad companies like
Facebook and Google, we got a LOT out of this.  Google talk and
facebook chat were very nicely integrated, Google Docs synced and was
index locally, Contacts pulled from your GMail and Facebook accounts
and auto populated everywhere they should.  This let you do things
like type somebody's name in the shell and send them an IM.  Sadly
Talk has been deprecated in favor of hangouts, Facebook XMPP is not
supported by Facebook any more, etc etc.

Sometimes on good days the Docs integration still works ok, but even
then it isn't great.
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On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 8:56 AM, Kristian Rink <kawazu428 gmail com> wrote:

is there some sort of documentation, howto, ... outlining how to make
meaningful use of GNOME online accounts? By now, just out of curiosity, I
did set up my Google and some other accounts in there, wondering whether
this changes anything, but so far it doesn't. Evolution doesn't obviously
see my Google Mail, the calendar does not see either my Google or my
ownCloud calendar, the only thing I have seen so far is a link to ownCloud
in Files which however seems "just" WebDAV. Can I use GNOME online accounts
for more? Is this behaviour configurable, in example to sync files between
server and local machine like the Google Drive or ownCloud clients do?

TIA and all the best,
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