Re: great job on Gnome 3

enaut wrote, On 03/20/2014 05:18 AM:

I'm also getting accustomed to bringing up the Activities view by
pressing the Super key with my left ring finger.  (Now I'm starting to
with I could use the Arrow keys in that view to choose a window -- as
in, "Look Ma, no mouse!"  :)

Usually its easier to just type the name of the app you want as in 
"look ma no leaving the writing position!". Worst case is that you have 
to type 3 letters then enter then a couple of times alt+`.

Nice ... and you don't even have to use the literal name of the app.
For example, icedove and iceweasel both start with "ice", but you can
start typing the word "mail" or "browse" and takes you to the correct app.

I just did this:

Super + "bro" + Enter   (brought up my browser)
Super + "ma" + Enter    (brought up my mail)
Super + "t" + Enter     (brought up my terminals)

That's crazy cool.  Thanks!

-- Patrick

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