Re: great job on Gnome 3

Leandro Mattioli wrote, On 03/17/2014 02:22 PM:

The Window List extension, from the Tweak Tool application adds a task
bar pretty much like gnome classic. That said, it doesn't seem to
provide the reorder feature. Personally, I've just got used to typing
the Super key and touching the window I want.

Oh I'm with you.  Any initial problem I had with Gnome 3 is now a
distant memory.  I don't miss the task bar anymore.  I've been totally
going with the Gnome 3 "flow" for many days now.

Sometimes I'll touch the Super key, other times when my hands are off
the keyboard anyway I'll shove the mouse hard upper-left.  Sometimes
I'll use Alt-Tab or Alt-`.  I'm getting a whole new muscle memory now.

I did however swap the functions of Alt-Tab and Alt-`, as I mentioned in
an earlier email.  That's really the only tweak I've done, and I only
did that because I've had *years* of habituation using Alt-Tab to switch
between two Terminal windows in which I'm editing or running code.
Breaking that habit and remembering to use Alt-` instead was taking too
much time, and bugging me when I got it wrong, and I have work to do.  I
may later undo that tweak and force myself to learn the new way, just
not right now.

-- Patrick

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