Re: great job on Gnome 3

Patrick wrote:

Also -- and I'm sure the Gnome people hear this complaint a lot -- I
want Alt-Tab to switch between windows, not applications.  I don't care
about applications as such.

Hashem Nasarat wrote, On 03/11/2014 01:57 PM:

You can configure this in the keyboard shortcuts in gnome-control-center.

Or it may be mapped by default. Try alt+super

Alt-Super didn't do anything for me.  Certainly Super by itself brings
up the activities view, but Alt-Super does nothing.  (It's hard to press
Alt-Super anyway since the keys are right next to other.)

However, I did try Alt-Esc, and that does cycle between windows.
However, it doesn't bring up the nice heads-up display that you get when
using Alt-Tab.  All it does is show you a thick black outline of each
window as you press Alt-Esc, and it does that in an unreliable way at
that -- i.e., the thick black outline is skewed from where the real
border ends up being when you actually land on the target window by
releasing Alt-Esc.

On a separate topic, I have a very strange problem.  Last week I did two
fresh installations of Debian, one on a laptop machine and one on a
desktop machine.

Here's the rub:  I cannot run Gnome 3 on the desktop machine, but I can
run it on the laptop machine.

When I log in on the desktop machine, even with Gnome 3 chosen
explicitly at the login prompt, it logs me into Gnome Classic anyway.

The very first time I logged in on the desktop machine, immediately
after the fresh install of Debian, I did see a brief notification about
some problem starting Gnome, but I don't recall what it said.  Since
then, I don't see any notification about a problem.  Nevertheless, all I
can use on the desktop machine is Gnome Classic.

Meanwhile, the laptop machine runs both Gnome 3 and Gnome Classic just fine.

It's the weirdest thing.  One of these days I'll try yet another fresh
install of Debian on the desktop machine, expecting different results.
That's the very definition of insanity, right?  :)

Thanks Hashem.

-- Patrick

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