Re: great job on Gnome 3

John Boyle wrote, On 03/02/2014 01:18 AM:

I just installed stock Debian with Gnome 3 (first time seeing it), and
it is AWESOME! You've put together some of my favorite windowing
features from both Windows and OS X.  The help is great and the keyboard
shortcuts make sense.

I remember hearing about the uproar when you released it; I'm sad that
so many people hated on your great work.  It "just works" and I don't
have to tweak a bit of it.

I too applaud the beautiful work, but I must admit that I keep going
back to Gnome Classic.  I'm just stuck on seeing icons for my open
windows down on that task bar, where I can click to Maximize and click
again to Minimize, and even re-order.  In GNOME 3, I have to move the
cursor to upper-left (or press the Windows key), and see the big
zoom-out effect with all my windows miniaturized, and then click the
window I want.

Also -- and I'm sure the Gnome people hear this complaint a lot -- I
want Alt-Tab to switch between windows, not applications.  I don't care
about applications as such.

Having said all that, I keep going back into Gnome 3 on occasion just to
see if I can acclimatize myself.  I'm not hating on Gnome 3 here, just
telling you that my whole work flow is anchored to that task bar in
Gnome Classic.  I *will* keep trying Gnome 3, because there truly is a
lot of beautiful work there.

-- Patrick

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