Re: Music app: crippled?

Seg, 2013-10-28 às 15:22 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams escreveu:

If they are volunteers - they work on what they want to.  I get that
[being a volunteer developer as well].  I just do not understand the
urge to write-from-scatch when several solid bases exist.
responded to this in other email. The work can be driven, in this case
to build a new application instead of rework another one.
But it is true, everyone works in what one wants.

I believe that it would be nicer to see *new* development in a calendar
(i think it is going on), email, rss, twitter application because it is
true that evolution, unfortunately sucks (or oficially drop it and adopt
thunderbird). RhythmBox does his job well at least.

No, Evolution has not sucked for some time now.  3.8.x is good, and
3.10.x is excellent.  3.4 & 3.6 where dodgy.

I noticed some work on evolution, but did not follow it, sorry ... 3.4.4
debian stable here. Pretty bad. Glad it is over.

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