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On 28.05.2011 10:45, Richard Evans wrote:
> I can see your point. But think of a Windows 7 user - they have a
> 'Start' menu, a quick launch toolbar, a task bar for window switching
> and a systray always available.  As far as I can see none of these are
> immediately visible in the Gnome 3 shell.  So it could be as confusing
> an experience as with previous Gnome versions.
> I suppose I am a power Unix user and can't do what I want easily in
> the Gnome shell.  I was seriously thinking of ugrading to Fedora 15,
> now I'm not at all sure.
I installed Gnome 3 about 5 days ago (used a tiling window manager
before with gnome). So far I like it! Regarding the points mentioned:

If one pushes the activity button there actually is something with the
functionality of a menu you can even easily search all the apps - just
start typing!
At least for me there is some sort of panel on the right which works
exactly as the windows 7 panel same apps are grouped, a new icon for
every app opened, possibility to make them stay even if closed. - No
Idea wether this is the default.
The only things that I miss is the functionality of my tiling wm. but
those were not in gnome 2.3 either.

Regarding your concerns about upgrading - just try the live cd! As a
"power" unixer you should be able to enable 3d in a live cd ;)


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