[GNOME3] Gain vertical space

Hi everyone!

With gnome2 I used to have only a single bar on left side of my screen. Since I spend my time browsing website, this offered me a maximum of vertical space.

Yesterday I switched on Gnome3 and tried to drag the top bar on left side but apparently it's fixed. To tell you the truth, I quite like this top bar (it's thin enough, useful, and elegant). What I do not like is the windows title. For a vertical space maniac, windows title are too wide and the close button (that I never use because I prefer Alt+F4) is too big. I also think that window title have no use now (I gnome 2 I sometimes used the minimize button but there is no such a button any more). So, How can I remove this useless window title that occupies my precious vertical space?


Jérôme Prudent

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