Re: [GNOME3] Gain vertical space

On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 09:56:06AM +0700, Jérôme Prudent wrote:
> Yesterday I switched on Gnome3 and tried to drag the top bar on left side
> but apparently it's fixed. To tell you the truth, I quite like this top bar
> (it's thin enough, useful, and elegant). What I do not like is the windows
> title. For a vertical space maniac, windows title are too wide and the close
> button (that I never use because I prefer Alt+F4) is too big. I also think
> that window title have no use now (I gnome 2 I sometimes used the minimize
> button but there is no such a button any more). So, How can I remove this
> useless window title that occupies my precious vertical space?

>From what I've read this will eventually be fixed. Some vertical space
usage is a bug (forgot if it was the title bar or other parts). Further,
there is work going on to remove menu bars and so on.

So it is not perfect at the moment, but eventually it will be :P


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