Multiple monitors: stuck in the last century?


Support for multiple monitors is an essential feature of any desktop
environment that aspires to the name "modern". I thought it a shame that
the feature was missing in Gnome 2. With much dismay, after trying out a
Fedora 15 pre-release, I discovered that Gnome 3 is still missing a
functioning multiple monitor support!

There can be no excuse for this. Multiple monitors have been supported
in X through RANDR for years. Thanks to the wonderful work by ATI and
NVidia we can now watch a 4K movie on a 12 screen wall, or display an
OpenGL animation at 20 MPixels. All the difficult parts have been
implemented. What remains is to make windows maximize properly, panels
span the entire width of the desktop and the background image scale as
it should (plus a few similarly trivial changes). Is this too much to

I hope somebody is working on this feature. Users have been waiting for
it far too long. I think we deserve better.


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