Re: One very unhappy Linux user

On Sun, 2011-12-11 at 10:07 -0500, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> On 11/11/2011 08:30 AM, carpetnailz researchintegration org wrote:
> > Think of all the time wasted by the (hundreds of thousands of?) users
> > all over the world trying to relearn how to use their major, everyday
> > tool! Steve Jobs reportedly reminded his developers early on something
> > like this: If it takes 10 extra seconds to boot Mac, multiply that by
> > the millions or users all over the world once or twice a day.
> > Specifically re Gnome 3 failure: Whereas I used to be able to open
> > documents that I use everyday or so by just clicking on the desktop
> > icon, I now have to
> > 1. Find the app icon in my Dash--on my 10" relatively hi-res screen,
> > that can take time, since the icons are very small.
> > 2. Click on the app in the dash and wait while it opens.
> > 3. Take time to go to "File," click "Open", find my document and click
> > on it to open it.
> > This is not progress.

Don't do it that way.

Use any combination of the following -
 * Use the "Documents" application. 
   - Add the Documents application to the list of applications you 
     want to start at login.
 * Install the Journal extensions
   - <>
 * Use the gnome activity journal
 - or just -
 * Enable icons on the desktop using gnome-tweak tool.
   - although any of the previous three are *better* solutions.

> > Another: I used to be able to move to a different app/document by
> > clicking on the document in the bottom panel Now I have to
> > 1. Alt-tab to get the screen that has the different apps
> > 2. Continue to alt-tab till I've selected the right app.
> > 3. If I'm lucky, the new app/document now can be worked on.
> > 4. But what if I have more than one document open in that app? Then
> > alt-tab fails me.

Yes, use Alt-`.  If you know you want a window of the same app it is way
more useful than Alt-Tab.

>  I have to either move my cursor to the right doc while
> > continuing to hold down alt-tab, 

No you don't; Alt-`

> I just figured out that first you alt-tab, then you down arrow then you 
> arrow right or left.

Nope; Alt-`

> > So I'm supposed to waste even more time installing and experimenting
> > with alien desktops, gradually learning whether or not they have the
> > features I need?

Watch a few of the excellent GNOME3 tutorials.

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