Alt-tab and workspaces

Again, this is on f16 with whatever ver of gnome 3 (I don't see an about for gnome to get the ver).

I am a big workspace user with a relatively well organized workspace usage; I can have a dozen apps running in a workspace, some with dozens of tabs within them. So I want alt-tab to ONLY tab between tasks on a workspace and if I do a alt+ to get the multiples, I only want it to show them for the current workspace. If I want apps for another workspace, I would first change to that workspace, then use alt-tab.

The current setup, you can't say alt-tab, then backtab to get to the last in the list for the current workspace.

It is clutzy to get to the Next Firefox window or the next Oo window.

And Terminal, oh, don't ask me about that! It is a mess; but I am getting the feel for how to work around this.

The new orginization was a SHOCK. I am getting it now with a bit of customization. I REALLY like the top panel for things like weather. I don't have to see my name taking up space on the panel, I am the only user of this system! A single mouse click from the panel to lock the screen is missed; sometimes I need privacy quickly.

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