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On 11/11/2011 08:30 AM, carpetnailz researchintegration org wrote:
Think of all the time wasted by the (hundreds of thousands of?) users
all over the world trying to relearn how to use their major, everyday
tool! Steve Jobs reportedly reminded his developers early on something
like this: If it takes 10 extra seconds to boot Mac, multiply that by
the millions or users all over the world once or twice a day.

Specifically re Gnome 3 failure: Whereas I used to be able to open
documents that I use everyday or so by just clicking on the desktop
icon, I now have to
1. Find the app icon in my Dash--on my 10" relatively hi-res screen,
that can take time, since the icons are very small.
2. Click on the app in the dash and wait while it opens.
3. Take time to go to "File," click "Open", find my document and click
on it to open it.

This is not progress.

Another: I used to be able to move to a different app/document by
clicking on the document in the bottom panel Now I have to
1. Alt-tab to get the screen that has the different apps
2. Continue to alt-tab till I've selected the right app.
3. If I'm lucky, the new app/document now can be worked on.
4. But what if I have more than one document open in that app? Then
alt-tab fails me. I have to either move my cursor to the right doc while
continuing to hold down alt-tab, which is well nigh impossible if I'm
not using a mouse, or give up and waste more time going to the
Activities screen and try to find the right document there, which is
also a problem, since the icons all tend to look alike and most of the
labels are seriously truncated.

I just figured out that first you alt-tab, then you down arrow then you arrow right or left.


So I'm supposed to waste even more time installing and experimenting
with alien desktops, gradually learning whether or not they have the
features I need?

Come on.

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