Re: The Apology of GNOME 3 (an analogy to the Apology of Socrates by Plato)

On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 10:14:08AM +0200, Magnus Therning wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 09:49, Ondřej Grover <ondrej grover gmail com> wrote:
> > On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 9:19 PM, Barry Say <barry07 nspipes co uk> wrote:
> >> Sorry, this was a really bad move. A really bad  PR own-goal which as far
> >> as I can see has diminished the reputation of the Gnome desktop.
> >>
> > PR for who ? The move was taken by Fedora, not by Gnome, don't you see?
> > Gnome as upstream is not responsible for including G 3 in F 15, that was a
> > decision made by the distro maintainers.

Fedora is often bleeding edge with new technologies and a lot of GNOME
developers are involved with that distribution. So I don't see such a
switch as unexpected.

> I find it disingenious to claim that it's the distributions who are to
> blame for an en-masse move to G3. Gnome moved to G3 and dropped
> support for G2. What are the options left for distributions then?

GNOME 2 experience can be achieved with GNOME 3 fallback mode.

I find it quite interesting that at the same time it is often said that
GNOME2 is not supported (which of course is not, it won't work with
gtk+3 + uses lots of libraries which have been deprecated for *years*).
But the development did go on to make gnome-panel and gnome-applets
(GNOME 3.2) work with gtk+3 is ignored.

Similar to gtk+3 is bonobo/CORBA. It was deprecated for years. With
GNOME 3, gnome-panel switched to using a supported technology (dbus)
instead of CORBA. This requires some development work within the
applets, but don't see how it can be supported without this work being

Think gnome-panel + gnome-applets as GNOME 2.34, we just called it
fallback (to make clear that focus in not on '2.34') and the 3 is
because of the technology changes.

> > Use the fall-back mode, that works ok.
> Fall-back mode works all right for now, but sooner or later it'll go
> away. Hopefully the users who pine for G2 will use it and then slowly
> realise that as G3 matures it really is a step forward.

I've seen that fallback mode is still being thought of. It is actually
not that easy to continue supporting it, but it is being done.

Of course, eventually the fallback mode will go away. This as I don't
expect developers to be interested in fallback mode forever (e.g. the
gnome-panel dude doesn't use gnome-panel on a daily basis anymore IIRC).

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