Re: The Apology of GNOME 3 (an analogy to the Apology of Socrates by Plato)


Barry, who forced you to update to Fedora 15 ? You can disable automatic updates AFAIK.

So many of you complain about not having an option but to move to gnome 3. The gnome team is not responsible for that, the maintainers of your distrobution are, don't you think? As I said before, there is Mate, the Gnome 2 fork, most distros have some kind of a way of switching to it.

Mikus, you say you are dissapointed. I assume that means gnome 3 hasn't lived up to your expectations. But what are expectations? One usually obtains expectations as an opinion about what the result of an action will be, based on his experiences and knowledge. But without one's own actions or lack of knowledge of the actions of others, the expectations are irrelevant. The result is not dissapointment, but rejectment of the reality.
Nothing personal.

It's gnome 3 DOT ZERO, there is enough space to improve things. And that doesn't have to mean coding, sending in design concepts (even drawings on paper) for UI improvements or flowcharts is something almost everyone can do and is a lot more helpful than it would seem.

IMHO, of course ;)


Ondrej Grover

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