Re: Very happy in Gnome 3

On 08/10/2011 07:30 PM, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
>> I'm using Gnome3 and it actually works quite good.
> A disconcerting aspect of Gnome 3 is that it appears to NOT have been
> designed for persons who have already been using Linux for a while.
> For instance -- to launch a not-yet-in-use program the user needs to
> click on an 'Applications' button located on the LEFT side.  This (for
> somebody with lots of programs installed) brings up a screen cluttered
> with icons.  Gnome 3 provides a menu-list to filter those icons down to
> a more manageable number.  But that menu-list is on the RIGHT side.
> A tablet user might want such an arrangement -- he could use his left
> thumb to touch the 'Applications' button and immediately use his right
> thumb to select within the list of filters.  But a Linux user with a
> substantial-sized screen is forced to TRAVERSE that screen from the one
> side to the other.  Why not support the applications filter-list to be
> configurable to the SAME side as the applications display button ?
> mikus

A Linux user such as myself has been using GNOME-DO since the early days
(of GNOME-DO) and just types the application name or description. GNOME
3 will then give you a list of apps that match those letters. In no time
without moving your mouse you have your application ready to be
launched. So efficient and I didn't event need to install a 3rd party
library and an extra app.

The glass is always half empty or half full, it's really a matter of

Now I do agree that there is a lot of 'traversing' the screen in
general, looking for the 'right' workspace is also one of those cases
(especially since they self destruct when empty).

So I think what's everybody is forgetting and GNOME 3.0 is that it is a
DOT ZERO release, some stuff were not finished and 'we' knew it
(theming, file history, etc), and some stuff needed to be used by a
wider audience. Now now one was forced to run the .0 . Fedora users can
still be running F14 which is supported until a few more months, others
the same.

3.2 will come with a lot of improvement and maybe people who don't like
change or the latest and the greatest might like it better?

I for one, see a FOSS project innovating and trying new things and
overall with great success. Sure there is some fine tuning needed, but
it's coming.


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