Re: Very disappointed in Gnome 3

I'm using Gnome3 and it actually works quite good.

A disconcerting aspect of Gnome 3 is that it appears to NOT have been designed for persons who have already been using Linux for a while.

For instance -- to launch a not-yet-in-use program the user needs to click on an 'Applications' button located on the LEFT side. This (for somebody with lots of programs installed) brings up a screen cluttered with icons. Gnome 3 provides a menu-list to filter those icons down to a more manageable number. But that menu-list is on the RIGHT side.

A tablet user might want such an arrangement -- he could use his left thumb to touch the 'Applications' button and immediately use his right thumb to select within the list of filters. But a Linux user with a substantial-sized screen is forced to TRAVERSE that screen from the one side to the other. Why not support the applications filter-list to be configurable to the SAME side as the applications display button ?


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