Re: Very disappointed in Gnome 3

On 06.08.2011 22:09, Craig Daymon wrote:
> What happened to my desktop icons?  Why can't I right click to get
> desktop options?  Or any options for that matter?  Why can't I move the
> application bar to the bottom of the screen WHERE I LIKE IT?  I thought
> Linux was about choice?  Why can't I set the bar to auto-hide?  Again,
> NO RIGHT CLICK!  Everything I had set up under the previous incarnation
> of Gnome is lost!  This was a horrible release!  It looks like it was
> made for a grade schooler's toy.  If someone wants to configure it that
> way for a specific use, great, but as the default configuration it is
> crap.  Have you people learned NOTHING from 30+ years of user interface
> design?
Well I'm using Gnome3 and it actually works quite good. I think if you
stop hating it because its different you could accept it as alternative
userinterface if not even love it!
(I'm neither developer nor "grade schooler")

Regarding the fredom you mentioned: It's not at all a freedom to dictate
the developers its a freedom to install what you want and where you want
it! And a freedom to change everything (in code not in settings)! If you
are not happy just modify it or install a different DE.

If you look up some of your Problems with internet search engines you
will find a lot of sollutions:

so just have fun with the new Gnome!

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