Re: Propriate application distribution and GTK+ dlls.

Alex Chardash wrote:
Hi Robert,

Thank you for responce.

Alex, I do wish you'd fix your mail agent, it's really messing things up, I repaired
your previous post before replying, however not this time.

I have switched Gmail to text mode, hope it will produce correct results.

Ta, much better now.
Well, someone I know just received some programs(windows) he bought from the
US today and one of them uses the GTK libraries, so it seems it is OK.

Could you please share a name/URL of that program? It is really
interesting to know, how they do proceed with all these things.

It is Gourmet recipe book 0.9.1 distributed by a mob that call themselves CDEARTH, they can be researched at
They use the windows GTK+ runtime environment.


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