Re: modifying the "places" menu

Thank you Sven for your reply.

2008/4/6, Sven Arvidsson <sa whiz se>:
>  In GNOME 2.20, the network places are handled through gconf,
>  in /desktop/gnome/connected_servers/ to be precise. You can use
>  gconf-editor or gconftool to edit these.
>  If you simply want to delete them, unmounting them from the desktop or
>  from nautilus and re-adding them should work.

Yes, I've unmounted them and now it's fine.
The strange thing is that I'm running Gnome 2.22,
as System > About Gnome tells me, but
the method I've used is the one you say to be for Gnome 2.20

>  In 2.22, network locations are handled as gtk bookmarks, in
>  ~/.gtk-bookmarks

Well, in my ~/.gtk-bookmarks file I just have something like


It seems like there is no info about Network Locations.

Wich kind of Gnome do I run?
I don't know it any more...


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