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Bjørge Solli wrote:
> Robert Moonen wrote:
>> Bjørge Solli wrote:
>>> Robert Moonen wrote:
>>>> Afief Halumi wrote:
>>>>> I'd like to add that the same horrible problem happens when opening
>>>>> PHP files that happen to not be PHP files.
>>>>> I wonder why so much empathis is put on the file extension when Unix
>>>>> systems usually don't give a damn about them anyway $ file filename
>>>>> and you know if it's ASCII or an MP3 or whatever.
>>>> Because KDE and now Gnome are trying to behave like Windoze, because
>>>> the
>>>> way to make a desktop popular seems to be to appease the lowest common
>>>> denominator.
>>>>> This warning is just as annoying for me as vista's "cancel or allow",
>>>>> it should be the responsibility of the program(text editor? audio
>>>>> player?) not to cause a security risk when trying to open a weird
>>>>> file.
>>>> Change your gnome preferences.
>>> That is exactly my question; How?
>>> As I stated in the initial email, my attempts to alter the prefs have
>>> failed.
>> Find object in "my computer", right click on it, select preferences,
>> then open the "opens with" tab. If adding an application to open that
>> object with doesn't become visible in the list of applications allowed
>> to open that object. Then it needs to be fixed and should be reported as
>> a bug.
> That is just the thing. It does get available in the list of
> applications allowed to open that object, and I mark the Text Editor the
> default (by selecting it in the list). If I right click on it and select
> "open with", then all available options except the one I chose as
> default appears, and choosing e.g. NEdit makes NEdit open the file. But
> if I double click the file it will not open and the warning appears as
> before.
> Can anyone confirm that this is a bug?

Sorry Bjorge, I missed the end of the sentence, if it won't open in the
chosen text editor when you "double-click" on it, then it seems very
much like a bug.
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