Re: Gnome problem after upgrading from FC6 to FC7


On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 13:16 +1000, Graeme Nichols wrote:
> Hello Ritish,
Ritesh :)

> Thank you. Your instructions worked and I can now get a Gnome desktop
> environment. I needed to add my apps to the panel but that was no big
> deal.
> I am now working in Gnome. Lovely.
> Still a lot of errors in the .xsession-errors file I would like to
> correct if I can. I have attached a file containing the contents of
> the file immediately after successfully logging in with Gnome.
> (current-xsession-errors.txt.gz)
> Is the following error still indicate that I have a yum-updatesd error
> to fix?
> dbus.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The
> name edu.duke.linux.yum was not provided by any .service files 

Finally, yum-updatesd service is not running on system ( dbus error
message as seen from xsession-error file ) 

Use system-config-services to enable yum-updatesd service.

	$ system-config-services

 The error message is generated by an update application. I tend to be
allergic to automatic update, as i move between broadband,gprs and

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