Re: Gnome problem after upgrading from FC6 to FC7


On Fri, 2007-08-31 at 16:47 +1000, Graeme Nichols wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I have a gnome problem after upgrading from FC6 to FC7. I think it is 
> something to do with the gnome panel.

Login to desktop using "failsafe session from login screen. This should
bring up a terminal window on screen.

Run gnome as shown below from terminal shown on screen, and provide any
message printed

  /usr/bin/dbus-launch --exit-with-session gnome-session 2>&1 | tee log

> Booting to a GUI all goes well to the login screen. After logging in all 
> goes to the point where the panel is loading. It reaches to 
> approximately the middle of the screen and up pop what appears to be a 
> dialog box (error? info?. I don't know as it is blank). It all hangs at 

Check of ~/.xsession-errors file for information.

> this point. Trying to close the dialog box eventually brings up an 
> informational box that states that "" is not responding. Wait or force 
> quit? Continued waiting could lead to old age. Quitting leads to the 
> disappearance of the dialog/warning box and the bit of the panel (which, 
> by the way, hasn't popped up so I have no way of knowing just what 
> application is hanging) that started to load. You can just see a white 
> strip at the bottom of the screen.
> The two applications I start at login, yakuake and korganizer, start OK 
> and respond to the mouse and keyboard BTW.
> I can also run what ever programs I can start in a terminal window (yakuake)
> Has anyone else experienced this behaviour? Can anyone point me in the 
> right direction to fix the problem. Is it possible to remove apps from 
> the panel at the command prompt?
> I tried updating gnome with the following command: 'yum update gnome' 
> but yum came back and said there was nothing to do. Did I use the 
> correct command?
> All help appreciated.
Ritesh Khadgaray
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