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On Wed, 2007-08-22 at 15:59 +0100, Hamish wrote:
> Hello
> I would like to add some profiles to gnome-terminal from old kde konsole 
> desktop files. Each profile will be exactly the same as the default 
> profile, apart from using a different custom command instead of the 
> default shell (eg ssh joe bloggs com). I have hunted for how to do this 
> using gconftool-2, but have only found how to change existing profiles, 
> not *add new ones*.

Create a clone of Default profile 

 $ gconftool-2 --dump /apps/gnome-terminal/profiles/Default >

 $ sed -i `s/\/Default\//\/new_profile\//g' default.xml

 $ gconftool-2 --load default.xml

 $ gconftool-2  --type key_type --set /key/path/for/new_profile

> Could someone point me in the right direction? The end goal is to write 
> a little bash script that can feed a list of custom commands to 
> gconftool-2 and make a new profile for each one.
> Thanks,
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