Gnome GUI desktop will not load/work/anything

Hello again folks,

This is my third post to this list in the hope that I can get some assistance with my gnome desktop problem. Apart from Bruce I haven't heard from anybody.

After upgrading from FC6 to FC7 my gnome desktop GUI doesn't finish loading.

I have just done a 'yum groupupgrade gnome desktop environment' which resulted in 76 packages being installed/upgraded (and this AFTER already upgrading from FC6 to FC7 via DVD) and now gnome gets to the pretty blue screen still, Yakuake and Korganiser load from my .bash_profile OK and the panel now doesn't even attempt to load (it managed to get halfway across the screen before locking up and popping up an empty dialog box BEFORE my groupupgrade effort today)

Does anybody have any idea what is the problem? Or do I have to stay with KDE (which upgraded just fine from FC6 to FC7)

Does anybody ACTUALLY have gnome running on FC7?

Is anybody here on this list? Hardly any posts arrive in my inbox.

Desperately hoping someone can help me.

Kind Regards,


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