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minnesaenger1969 web de wrote:
> Dear all,
> following problem: When I load files from a CD-ROM onto my harddisk,
> they are all read-protected. In Gnome there is no easy grafical way
> to do this.
> In KDE it is (like in Windows) very easy to change rights of large
> amounts of files in a folder by changing the rights of the folder and
> click the field (more or less called) "set changings for all
> subfolders and files".
> In Gnome you have to change every single folder and file. The only
> way for a collective way is via terminal and that is not easy for
> beginners.

No, you click on "apply permissions to enclosed files" which becomes a
visible button when you select a folder and then "right click" and
select properties, then select the permissions TAB, just like windoze
and I presume kde too.

Robert G. Moonen
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