Window focus behavior

Hi everyone,

I am using Ubuntu and GNOME with the Metacity window manager, and I
have not been able to figure out how to change the window focus

I don't like it when you click on a window, and it raises to obscure
everything that was overlapping it. This is normal behavior for most
people (that is how it works in Windows), but I would like to know if,
in GNOME/Metacity, I can configure the behavior so that windows don't
raise when you click on them for focus. I would like to raise the
window if I click on the titlebar, but if I click somewhere else in
the window, I would like any overlapping windows to continue being
visible even while I have focus in the partially obscured window.

I'm not sure what is the technical term for what I'm looking for,
which may explain why I'm having no luck googling for an answer. If
anyone can make sense of my explanation and knows the answer, I would
be very grateful!


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