Gnome2.18.2+FreeBSD-6.2 , issue after six months

 I configured Gnome2.18.2 for my FreeBSD6.2 Box six months before , its working fine upto the last week , suddenly  its behaving strangely , its not launching the login shell from the panel ,

 so I went through application-->system tools-->new login  

But getting the  message (GDM is not running , you might be using a different display manager such as KDM or xdm .If you still wish to use this feature , either start GDM your self or ask your system admin to start GDM.

I havn't altererd any system configuration , in /etc/rc.conf   these lines are still there gdm_enable="YES" gnome_enable="YES" 

some other problems also

I can't browse the internet (launching the FireFox web browser itselftaking a long time ,the I tried to acess, ..etc its not allowing me to surf the net , even in the browser I configuerd for my proxy server and port )

Ifconfig command (after a long interval I am able to get a shell prompt ) returns me the ip address and mask of my  system

Ifanybody can help to find what wrong with this  box , and how to fix it please send me your suggestions asap

Thanks in advance

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