Screen wrapping

Hi, all,

Newbie here.

I'm using Fedora Core 7 i386 and Gnome 2.18.3 as a
visual environment. I've got a problem with screen
wrap: about 1/8" of the left-hand edge of the display
shows up on the right side of the screen, as though
it's wrapped around.

I know this is not the monitor's fault, as then entire
screen image, including the wrapped portion, moves
when I adjust the image location through the monitor.

It's likely not the card's fault either, as I don't
see any indication of the wrap while the machine is
booting up, on the bios display or the Fedora bootup
screen (I'll double-check this, though).

That leaves the visual environment. It looks to me as
though there's a few hundred bits chopped off the
beginning of the raster scan when it paints the screen
image, resulting in the entire image being out of
phase by that many pixels; this would result in an
image like what I'm seeing. 

Another artifact of the problem is that the mouse
pointer is a few pixels off where the system thinks it
is, so I have to click to the right of a radio box to
get that box checked, whereas if I click on the box, I
miss it.

Does anybody have the slightest idea whether this
condition is adjustable, configurable, or fixable?



Phil W., UNIX-literate, raster-knowledgeable, Gnome newbie

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