Re: Intermittand problem between Gnome and Compiz/Beryl

On 11/5/07, Karsten Bräckelmann <guenther rudersport de> wrote:
> If I understand your description correctly, you are expecting a GDM
> login. However, that is not the default on any Linux distro I have seen
> so far. The typical default is to provide 6 virtual consoles (gettys)
> and a single GDM.
> Also, if switching virtual consoles is broken, or a particular console
> doesn't work as expected, I fail to see how this would be a GNOME issue.
> When you switch to console 1, you can not switch back? Smells like a
> system issue to me. (hint: /etc/inittab)

His actual problem seems to be that he uses the nvidia driver which
has troubles with VT switching when compiz is running. The solution is
to either get the 100.14.23 driver or disable sync to vblank in

Travis Watkins

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