Intermittand problem between Gnome and Compiz/Beryl

For a particular logon, when the latter two are used in a Gnome environment, and we do a switch user, something gets corrupted in Gnome or something does not get done on a return.

The result is a permenant error where any return from invoking a session via ctl-alt-f1 results in a black screen.

Control-alt-backspace does not clear the error. The error is actually permenant. One is obliged to reboot the system in order to have the logon screen.

If one then toggles between ctl-alt-f1 and back, for this particular logon, the black screen of death is there. What I can tell you is that the prompt is presented, but nothing is seen (blanked screen). Sound that was set to indicate logon prompt is available plays, but absolutely no display.

Blindly, I log to ctl-alf-f1 because the screen does not show, and I blindly issue the reboot.

Other logins are not impacted.

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