Re: What is the "Gnome Settings Daemon"?

Well, that was NOT helpful!!! "which" didn't find it. I tried the alt-F2 thing, it started something, but it killed SeaMonkey, and left the system very unresponsive - had to play around to get things back to normal (ctl-alt-F2, login, back to ctl-alt-F7, then exit from the ctl-alt-F2 session) and manually restart SeaMonkey.

I seem to recall there is a script or something, somewhere in /etc, that refers to the gnome-settings-daemon, I tried to comment that out just to get rid of the error message but no luck.

What are "gtk themes"? I have no idea whether they are running, a lot of this stuff is new. I just recently bought a new computer and upgraded from my old RedHat 7.0/Gnome 1.x box, so I am kind of clueless on a lot of the new stuff. But now that I think about it, I DID have to go into the manual startup list and add a few things, like the screensaver wouldn't work until I did that.

And WHY would something like FC6 have an unstable Gnome anyway????

Jim Hartley

Daniel Kasak wrote:
On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 09:39 -0400, Jim Hartley wrote:

I am running a Fedora Core 6 system with the Gnome desktop. Every time I boot the machine, I get an error message that the Gnome Settings Daemon could not be run, and it tells me I may have trouble with some of my desktop settings. Other than having to deal with the window for this message, everything seems to work OK.

It means you're running an unstable version of gnome :( I started
getting this error on ALL our systems when upgrading to 2.16.something
from 2.14.something.

How can I either:
    1. Get the Gnome Settings Daemon to run

Hold down ALT and hit F2, and type:

That's the path on my system. It may be different on yours. You can try
( in a terminal ):
which gnome-settings-daemon

to try to find it.

    2. Get it to stop trying so I don't get the stupid error message

That's a damned good question. I'm all ears.

Since I am not apparently having any problems, either solution is acceptable. Thanks in advance for any help.

Your gtk themes and possibly other things won't work properly without

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