Re: [Bulk] Re: using zenity to write a sudo script ??

Thanks Daniel and Olav;

On Sat, 2007-12-22 at 19:28 +1000, Daniel James wrote:
> You will probably need to use sudo -S 
> sudo will not read from stdin by default..
Yes.  My starting script had sudo -S.  My apologies, I sent a copy of a
version of my script written at the height of frustration.  Here is my
problem more accurately.  The following code works from the command line
"]$ sh RootBrowse" but fails to work from the nautilus-scripts menu.

#! /bin/bash
# Open nautilus as root
# file name: RootBrowse

sudo -K
zenity --entry \
	--title="Browse files as root" \
    --text="Enter your user _password:" \
    --entry-text "" \
    --hide-text | sudo -S nautilus --no-desktop --browser 1>/dev/null
# End

That is; the zenity entry window pops up but after the correct password
is entered nothing further seems to happen.  From the command line in
contrast, the root browser opens after the correct password is entered
in the popup entry window.

> > 
> > Any help, advice or explanations will be gratefully received.
> > 
Regards Bill

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