using zenity to write a sudo script ??


I can't get the following script (or various variations thereof) to
work.  There must be something simple I have missed.  I have yelped,
gnomed and googled.

#! /bin/bash
# Open nautilus as root from user account
# file name: RootBrowse

sudo -K
if zenity --entry \
	--title="Browse files as root" \
    --text="Enter your user _password:" \
    --entry-text "" \
    then $1 | sudo nautilus --no-desktop --browser \
	 1> /dev/null 2> /dev/null
    else zenity --error --text="Sorry, wrong password";
		exit 1

# End

There is a similar script on
but it requires gksudo.  I am using Fedora 8 and it does not include
gksudo.  Don't take the above shown script too literally.  It is just my
latest of a long series of attempts to get this working.

Any help, advice or explanations will be gratefully received.

Regards Bill

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