Re: gnome - without screensaver and system sounds ?

Ka Hay wrote:
Guy Rouillier wrote:
Ka Hay wrote:

I am running Gentoo linux with a 2.6.23 kernel.
You'd probably be better off on the Gentoo forums than on this general
Gnome list.  This question comes up regularly there.  Set the "esd"
USE flag, then re-emerge gnome.

Thank you for the answer BUT the "esd"  use flag IS set.

Other ideas ?
And about the gentoo forum - i looked there and i did not find the
answer of my question.

Was the esd USE flag set when gnome was emerged? If so, then log on as root and go into Gnome (startx). Go to the System menu, select Preferences - Sound. In the Sound Preferences dialog, on the Devices tab, make sure ALSA is selected for the top 4. For Default Mixer Tracks, the drop down should show your hardware device.

On the Sounds tab, make sure the "Play system sounds" checkbox is checked. If your sound setup is working, you should be able to hear system sounds by clicking one of the Play buttons here.

Under Applications, you should find either a Sound main menu item, or buried somewhere (sorry, not running a system with sound at the moment). Hopefully, you've got an Alsamixer item there. Open that. You should see a bunch of controls; they actual controls present differ depending on which sound hardware you have. Make sure all the Mute checkboxes are unchecked. Make sure all the volume controls are up.

After making any changes, reboot your system. Hopefully you'll now have sound. I don't *think* the esound service needs to be auto-started; I *think* it gets started when you log into gnome. I may be wrong about that. If you still don't have sound, you may want to "rc-update esound add default".

Guy Rouillier

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