Re: What did I do to my theme?

On Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 00:51:40 +0200, POLONKAI Gergely wrote:
>Actually, there are predefined mouse-pointer "themes", which you can
>set in gnome-mouse-properties, under the Pointers tab. Btw, you cannot
>define your own "theme" here - unfortunately. Maybe some should write
>an app for it? :)

Ah, cool. I remember not having that tab on an older Debian system due
to Debian using an older version of X. It seems they've caught up :-)

Actually you seem to be able to create your own mouse pointer themes, at
least I have some themes I've installed manually and they show up in the
Mouse Preferences dialogue. A bit strange, but live in the ~/.icons
directory. I don't think it's possible to tie a mouse theme to a
wm/button theme though :(


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