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Rudolf Schmidt wrote:

Thx you for your mail. i have heard about this key and tryied it out but
i hate the effect that the window-content is not displayed when moove

Well, AFAIK this has already been discussed and the developer's (Havoc Pennington) point of view is that metacity shouldn't be overconfigurable and things should just work for most people, so they don't have to resort to preferences. We did resort to preferences and things still don't work, so obviously the goal hasn't been achieved.

so, its a feedback to the developer to make it possible to set this
"feature" off or on. i hope this is the right list for this kind of

I think a more proper way is to fill a bug against metacity and somehow vote for it (for example by adding "I want this feature too" comments).

relic wrote:

Yes, this thing bothers me a lot. (sure many many more)
These to seperate things should be seperated in gconf.
Let the user decide -- freedom?

I definitely agree with this. After all, we don't call for some UI for this setting, only for a GConf key.

If there's positive reaction to this post, I will fill the bug.


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