Re: Bug Report Personnel Issues


On Di, 2005-02-01 at 14:38 +1000, Daniel James wrote:
> Hi All,
> This is a little annoying having this posted twice to a public mailing
> list. I understand that there was an insult but it was a private
> personal insult and I do not see it as necessary for the rest of the
> world to be involved. We all make mistakes and the person this email
> regards has already apologised and stated his reasons for being a little
> hasty in his reply to this bug report.
> Developers these days are too often treated badly.. Can I just say that
> I appreciate the hard work done by all developers. I truly love the
> Gnome desktop and its utilities, it's a great environment..

I told the guy that such a mail is inappropriate for that list, I hope
that he learned that lesson.
Beside that, things have been sorted out and we can move on.


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