Re: I want to be able to type in the filename...

Sean Middleditch wrote:
On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 16:10 +0100, G�r Farkas wrote:

Perhaps instead of assuming that whatever problem you have would be
solved by a path entry widget, why not stop and identify the problems
and think up better solutions?  Do you just want faster keyboard
navigation?  Sounds reasonable.  Maybe we need some key-bindings for "up
folder" in the dialog?  (I can't seem to find one.)  I do know that I
can type in paths in Save As dialog to move around.  Maybe the type-
ahead find should be able to recognize "../files/" and change the file

There are tons of things that can be done to improve the UI for
technical users without cluttering the UI with useless widgetry for non-
technical users.

yes, but why weren't those considered from the beginning?
for example how could this become the new file dialog without a keyboard shortcut to go "up" one folder. (btw, backspace now seems to go up one directory ONCE. yes, only once ;. gtk+2.5.6 here)

there was an old file dialog. it featured fast keyboard navigation. there's the new one. i like it more. it looks a lot better (it copies kde's and windows's file-chooser after all :>> ). but the keyboard navigation is not fast. it's nearly impossible. btw. gnome is always proud that it has a lot of accessibility features. how could then the keyboard access been so neglected. please understand that i understand that i can/should file bugreports and enhancement requests and such... but for me it's simply hard to understand why was this release in such a state.

btw. this discussion was repeated here million times.
last time i also wrote a detailed response...
(which i am now unable to find ;)

short summary of that mail:
i tried to use the gtk file selector to open/navigate to files using the keyboard, and also compared it to nautilus. nautilus won. it had backspace to go up ;) maybe what it needs is a heuristic that closes 'unneeded' windows. ofcourse the hard part is to classify a window 'unneeded'


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